Read on to learn what makes my art special, and how we can make beautiful art together.


Here is what sets me apart.

Fine Art

I'm a fine art photographer at my core. Every attention is given to the details. My studio and live event background allows me to create unique perspectives.

Focused on You

I want you to be as thrilled with the results as I am. We will work together throughout the process, to ensure that we make beautiful images that we all are proud to show the world.

Passion for Art

I don't derive my livelihood from my art. I make art because I love it. You won't find assembly line production here. I believe in my craft and never take shortcuts.


I didn't get to where I am without a few "a-ha" moments along they way. Illustrating them helps to convey how I ended up with creative approaches I use today.
  • 1999

    The Early Years

    In 1999, I received my first SLR camera and started honing my photography skills. I was mostly shooting color film, processed at a commercial lab during this time. I started taking photography classes at the community college to work on improving my skills. After initially being terrified, I found that I really enjoyed photographing people, and over time I keep coming back to the human connection in my work.

  • 2001

    The Darkroom

    In 2001 I began working on developing my own film and printing my own prints. This opened my eyes to the creative control and immersive tactile qualities of getting your "hands wet" with the chemistry, that I came to enjoy.

  • 2003

    Live Events

    In 2003, I started photographing live bands and their fans. This allowed me to be spontaneous and keep an eye out for the images that present themselves only a single time. A completely different mindset is required when you're immersed in the event and want to capture its essence without "being in the way."

  • 2005

    Alternative Processes

    In 2005, I discovered the art of the cyanotype and other alternative photographic processes. Many of these are "ancient" processes of hand-coated chemistry on watercolor paper. This is similar to how the first photographers processed their images. I also learned the quickly disappearing art of the Polaroid image transfers.

  • 2006

    Human Form Workshop

    In Spring of 2006, I attended a Human Form workshop. During this week-long session, I realized that while very challenging, shooting the human body nude yields stunning results when executed properly. I employ many of the techniques I learned at this (and subsequent) intimate setting workshops when creating my current work.

  • 2006

    Digital Capture

    In 2006, I started to capture images digitally. This allows a tremendous amount of control over all aspects of the image making process. It also allows for immediate feedback when capturing challenging subjects. After having been out of the darkroom for a few months, I started exploring hybrid techniques of using digital capture with the older alternative processes, with great success.

  • 2014

    Moved to Oregon

    In the summer of 2014, my family and I moved to Portland, Oregon. For the previous year, I hadn't done much camera work while we were preparing to move, and while getting settled in.

  • 2015

    Ready to Make New Images

    I'm now ready to start building up my portfolio again, and making new artistic connections in the Oregon art community.


From time-to-time, I may be open to the idea of a "trade for Images" arrangement (no money changes hands, and we both get copies of the images). If you would like to propose such an arrangement, pitch your idea to me. If it helps me to to fill a gap, or freshen my portfolio, I'll mostly likely go along with it.

If you have any questions, or want to create a customized session, just let me know and we can discuss the details. Almost anything goes.


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Jan 0

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Studio Portraits

This is a collection of various studio portraits that I’ve created over the years. There’s no specific theme to this gallery other than these were all created in a studio with strict control over lighting.

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Gonzalez Family Portraits

When Zac and Lori welcomed baby Conner to their family, they wanted to share pictures of their newly expanded family in their Christmas cards. We spent some time at a local park, and finished up with some studio work at their house.

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